Grimsby pub history & Grimsbylive thieves

What really pisses me off is when a trusted source, e.g. a local shit newspaper, just copies a whole page of information from your site without any reference or links.

I have been adding detail to the Grimsby pub history for the past few days, and spotted this. I will be making a lot of complaints, this is not acceptable.

Lots more pub history to add, but lets get rid of the scumbags first who think theft is OK.

Roman London Wall, accessible train stations & pub history

That’s what I do, see the title. I have spent a couple of afternoons in London east this week, mostly based around Fenchurch street and Tower hill, as I discover London.

If you dropped me into London without a map, and asked me to find the closest train station, I would not have a clue.Well, up until today.

There are three areas of research, I run the pub history site, of which I am very proud, and this includes any pubs – I think this goes without saying.

I also run a site which details early London history, and I have been working on the London wall recently, and this has, and continues to be, interesting.

Thirdly, I have an interest inaccessibility, particularly on the trains system. I am not in a wheelchair, but I am not exactly fit, and struggle up any set of stairs. This includes getting out of breath very easily, and wetting myself at the same time, that’s how it is. Sorry.

So, two quick trips into London this week, included about 7 miles walking each day, which is good. I was able to find the actual outline of the Roman London wall, and take lots of pictures of pubs along the way.

I am also slowly adding, and updating the London railway stations pages, particularly in relation to accessibility.

Next month, I get my freedom pass, aged 60; and will be in London every day, hopefully.

Tom Walker inspiration, mental illness, anything really

I first heard Tom Walker, probably in an advert.

‘Cause we’ve all made mistakes
If you’ve lost your way

I will leave the light on

You have no idea how inspirational this is to me.

The song obviously touches a nerve with a lot of people. Most people are scared of talking about their weaknesses, I am not!

Tomorrow, after 45 years of smoking, a couple of major bouts of mental illness, and work shit, I am planning a trip to London, to the Tower.

What makes me different from anybody else? I have given up smoking, I have been through two bouts of serious mental health, and I have survived, and now planning on taking on Doris Day’s target of living to 97 years old.

It was only a few months ago I told my brilliant doctor that I was worried about reaching my 60th birthday.

And along with a wonderful wife, who continues to work, and is too loud for me anyway, and several brilliant children who have, or are, reaching their pinnacles of brilliance.

I must have been clever once, before I head-butted a windscreen at 70 mph.; and spent a week in an induced coma. Who knows, who cares.

Mental health issues – another time, maybe.


London wiki & history

I keep changing the site I am building a history of London, and in particular Roman London, at present. At first the site was called; but google ads refused to add advertising on the site.

I then moved it to; and this was trending quite highly for the search term ‘London street directory’ with a few adverts.

Then I realised that the more I do to build up my pub history site of about 50,000 pages was just being downgraded, and the revenues, which are only to cover my server costs, were quickly being reduced.

So, I thought, I know, I will use a brilliant domain name I have, i.e., and this is the current London history site name, and it is slowly building.

I also have a whole host of other domain names which I have purchased over the past years. I like a domain name, or two. Many just point, or are redirected, to another site.

Google suggests that I should not have lots of sites, as this is detrimental to the main sites I run. It does not tell you that any sites that you run with 50,000 pages are about as interesting as some blogger who builds a simple one page wordpress site.

I also have a number of wordpress sites now, but I have little interest in writing for these! This is one of them, and is quite boring, albeit factual.

I can build a rather excellent site of completely new / additional material in a matter of days; I work very hard on the same, then move onto another site, or back to my main pub history site.

Currently, I am so fed up with my pub history site, of 50k pages being largely ignored, that I may just move it to other sites as I see fit.

Who knows where the coming days may find the sites. The odd few emails I get on pub history are usually just to tell me I have a minor point incorrect, and rarely add anything particularly useful.

hey ho, I feel another new site coming anytime soon, like tonight.

Roman London history & the London walls

I don’t do clever blogs, I just report what I have spent hours planning for my web sites/s. I keep it simple.

In addition to the rather brilliant pub history site I have been building for the past 15 years, I have recently added two other sites I want to continue to build. These are the accessible rail travel site, which allows reasonable access to rail and tube travel around London.

I have also started a London history site, and this starts in Roman times, which I remember well, although my memory seems to be fading a little, and therefore I am relying more and more on Stows survey of London, circa 1600. You know how it is!

The good thing is that I have now packed up smoking after about 45 years, and I am about to get my free pass to London, from Tfl, just a few more months. Both are brilliant.

Lastly, my favourite music at present is Tom Walker

I needed to find what these lyrics meant, as I am touched by his singing, and his songs. Life can be lonely when you do not have a friend, I am fortunate to always have a friend or two.

Lah lah

My London wiki of the last 2000 years

I have taken advice from google, who say I have too many sites. I have therefore moved a host of my London wiki and London street directories onto just one site – i.e.

This also includes early Roman history of London as I am building it slowly, etc.

I have made clever usage of site redirects to enable my content not to get lost, and here is a copy of my .htaccess file which may be of use to other web builders, it does exactly what I need it to do:

RewriteEngine on

order deny,allow deny from all allow from all
order deny,allow deny from all

IndexIgnore .htaccess /.?? *~ *# /HEADER /README /_vti
ErrorDocument 404

RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.(.)$ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.)$ https://%1/$1 [R=301,L]

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
RewriteRule ^/?(.*) https://%{SERVER_NAME}/$1 [R,L]

Redirect 301 /London1843
Redirect 301 /streets

I hope someone finds this of use.

It should be interesting to see how long this site takes to get in the top ten for search for London street directory

London 2018 pubs updates

More updates for the pub history site today include a number of updates for the 2018 list of UK pubs, I pick random areas, but these all need to be done.

I am currently working through the Westminster listing, which is rather large, and this will take a couple of days.

Earlier, I added updates for the Wandsworth listing, it is not yet complete, but looking better. I did spend a little time in the Putney area, as I spotted a beer house which was not yet listed; and I believe what I have added is a true reflection of the Bricklayers Arms, Waterman street aka River street aka Gay street. Lovely names.

That’s enough for now, back to the updates.

Hampshire 2018 & pub history updates

I have added a number of 2018 pub listings to the pub history site. This is quite important, as many of the Hampshire pages are just stub entries with an odd 1927 entry, and the page is awful too.

As an update, I have been working through the Winchester area, adding links, updating where the pub still exists in 2018, where I have it listed, plus I have added lots of history to some of the areas. It is a days worth of updates, but I do a lot in one day.

Here is the 2018 list for the Winchester area, which is getting better, and I will add similar updates for many of the other pages as I find time; plus updates for the relevant pubs. This listing covers most of the UK.