London pub history

I think I can safely say that I have the best London pub history site which exists, and for that manner, probably for many parts of the UK, particularly in the South, and around London.

What I cannot claim is to be the most interesting, as many of the pages are only pertinent to those who have a specific interest in a pub, where their family may have run the public house, tavern , inn, hotel, or whatever it may have been.

My pages are also quite boring, I admit this. They are generally snap shots in time, with a small facet of detail. I could write a page about a specific public house, but i lack the confidence to know that what I am writing is correct; whilst many other sites just mention a brief description of a pubs history, and this is OK.

Other sites, particularly the newspaper sites, write some incredibly bold statements about a particular public house being the oldest ever, with little reference to their sources. I do provide sources. You make your choice as to this being correct. In fact, most of my sources are checkable.

Most of the emails I get are specifically related to minor details of people names being incorrect. Very few people, with some major exceptions, actually offer any groundbreaking additions to to the sites.

So, where do we go from here?

The simple answer is that I do not know. I occasionally write a longer article about a specific pub, but as there are many thousands of these, it gets lost in the updates.

Perhaps I could only list a handful of pubs, like a newspaper report, this is not really an option. Or maybe, I continue as before, being a boring site of facts and figures, and continue to list pubs as I see them. They open, they close, get demolished, become other types of buildings, etc etc.

What I will do is to continue to build on a street directory of London, and slowly add useful detail to this.

I do have three separate websites in the top fifteen for pub history search in google. These are my main site, the site and deadpubs, the good old deadpubs site never fails to fill a gap.

I also have other sites, lots of them!

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