Last post

This is my last post on this site. I need to concentrate on a rather excellent site I built a few years ago, roughly about 2017, or maybe it was a lot earlier than this, it was about the London rail network, and accessibility to the same.

Having spent the day walking the area, and completely knackered having walked up about twenty flights of stairs, I thought I would get this site going again.

That’s it really, by the time anyone gets to read this post the site may already be re-invigorated as the old nogobritain site as was.

It is currently on my pub history site, ; but not for too much longer.

London 1811 Holdens directory & 1832 street directory

I have to say my sites are pretty amazing, even if I say it myself. I am slowly working through a number of records listed in the Holdens directory for 1811. Many of these are wine vaults, but do have an address. An example is the Windmill, previously at 55 Royal Mint street.

Now, this was previously called Rosemary lane, with numbering about the same. If you refer to my street listing for 1832 for Rosemary lane, which also has the 1842 records, you can compare the addresses.

The 1811 record just lists it as a wine vaults at 55 Rosemary lane. I did this with all of the other pubs in the same street / lane, there are a number of them ; and now with relevant updates. I also am adding links to the 1811 file at the same time, this is why this all takes so much time. But worthwhile if you like this sort of thing.