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I have spent a number of hours today getting some of my pages to pass the mobile usability tests in the google webmaster tools. These tools are very good, if a little archaic – they tell you what the problem is, but with little idea of how to fix it.

I discovered that some of the pages on my accessible rail travel site were not passing, actually, they are still failing the tests, but getting better! This one still fails.

I removed the search engine from all of the pages, well from the included page, to confirm this was not the problem, I can add it back later.

I did try a similar page on my pub history site, the London pubs links page, which passes fine, and have changed many of the links on the failing pages to using lists rather than paragraphs.

Meanwhile, it is ‘red nose day’ on Friday. I watched the assault by a number of celebrities on Mount Kilimanjaro last night. It was brutal. Not only were they walking 55 miles in seven days (I think), they also climbed a significant mountain, at high altitude – it was really brutal!

Really well done, and I hope the fund raising goes well, as I am sure it will. I have done my fair share of charitable giving over the years, and endorse this if you are still earning a shekel.

That’s it.

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