Roman London history & the London walls

I don’t do clever blogs, I just report what I have spent hours planning for my web sites/s. I keep it simple.

In addition to the rather brilliant pub history site I have been building for the past 15 years, I have recently added two other sites I want to continue to build. These are the accessible rail travel site, which allows reasonable access to rail and tube travel around London.

I have also started a London history site, and this starts in Roman times, which I remember well, although my memory seems to be fading a little, and therefore I am relying more and more on Stows survey of London, circa 1600. You know how it is!

The good thing is that I have now packed up smoking after about 45 years, and I am about to get my free pass to London, from Tfl, just a few more months. Both are brilliant.

Lastly, my favourite music at present is Tom Walker

I needed to find what these lyrics meant, as I am touched by his singing, and his songs. Life can be lonely when you do not have a friend, I am fortunate to always have a friend or two.

Lah lah

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