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I keep changing the site I am building a history of London, and in particular Roman London, at present. At first the site was called; but google ads refused to add advertising on the site.

I then moved it to; and this was trending quite highly for the search term ‘London street directory’ with a few adverts.

Then I realised that the more I do to build up my pub history site of about 50,000 pages was just being downgraded, and the revenues, which are only to cover my server costs, were quickly being reduced.

So, I thought, I know, I will use a brilliant domain name I have, i.e., and this is the current London history site name, and it is slowly building.

I also have a whole host of other domain names which I have purchased over the past years. I like a domain name, or two. Many just point, or are redirected, to another site.

Google suggests that I should not have lots of sites, as this is detrimental to the main sites I run. It does not tell you that any sites that you run with 50,000 pages are about as interesting as some blogger who builds a simple one page wordpress site.

I also have a number of wordpress sites now, but I have little interest in writing for these! This is one of them, and is quite boring, albeit factual.

I can build a rather excellent site of completely new / additional material in a matter of days; I work very hard on the same, then move onto another site, or back to my main pub history site.

Currently, I am so fed up with my pub history site, of 50k pages being largely ignored, that I may just move it to other sites as I see fit.

Who knows where the coming days may find the sites. The odd few emails I get on pub history are usually just to tell me I have a minor point incorrect, and rarely add anything particularly useful.

hey ho, I feel another new site coming anytime soon, like tonight.

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