Roman London Wall, accessible train stations & pub history

That’s what I do, see the title. I have spent a couple of afternoons in London east this week, mostly based around Fenchurch street and Tower hill, as I discover London.

If you dropped me into London without a map, and asked me to find the closest train station, I would not have a clue.Well, up until today.

There are three areas of research, I run the pub history site, of which I am very proud, and this includes any pubs – I think this goes without saying.

I also run a site which details early London history, and I have been working on the London wall recently, and this has, and continues to be, interesting.

Thirdly, I have an interest inaccessibility, particularly on the trains system. I am not in a wheelchair, but I am not exactly fit, and struggle up any set of stairs. This includes getting out of breath very easily, and wetting myself at the same time, that’s how it is. Sorry.

So, two quick trips into London this week, included about 7 miles walking each day, which is good. I was able to find the actual outline of the Roman London wall, and take lots of pictures of pubs along the way.

I am also slowly adding, and updating the London railway stations pages, particularly in relation to accessibility.

Next month, I get my freedom pass, aged 60; and will be in London every day, hopefully.

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