Google adsense is a waste of time

Just for the record, I am deleting most Google adsense advertising from my sites. I think I will fund the sites, and my own server myself, from my meagre pension.

I would stop the sites from this perspective, but I actually enjoy adding new content. I always have enjoyed this part of the process, even if many other scumbag webmasters, and newspapers, think it is OK to just copy and paste my material onto their useless sites. Whatever, typical Tory morons who will probably vote Boron in as the next PM – ha, ha.

The reason is that even with many thousands of well indexed pages, the revenue is very close to zero, and I would rather spend my time on the content rather than worrying about advertising which often just shows white spaces on the pages.

I will also be looking at the random pages which are duplication, and pointing to a decent page. These will also be deleted, and there may be a few broken links. But who cares, I don’t.

And then, I may just move large parts of the site about – maybe. Just for reference, I am listed at about 2.6 out of millions of pages, for the search pub history. This does not equate to a reasonable number of visitors, so this may need to be revisited.

I am watching Chernobyl, at Sky Atlantic, at present, and have a couple of days before this disappears. It is very dark, but brilliant. Two more episodes to watch.

The football in France is also amazing. Power to the Girls! Brilliant.

Lastly, I watched Tom Walker at Glastonbury, on the TV. What an amazing guy. I love him.

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