My sites, accessibility, pub history and world war 1

I have just read the most amazing blog by one of my contributors to London pub history. He talks about an area called the Isle of Dogs, and their losses in the world war one – it is an amazing study, probably written in a number of weeks, and others would deem this a lifetimes work for a book on the subject. It is here, if you wish to have a read.

It made me think about what sites I have, and whether they are useful. In fact, I think I started to realise that I actually try and cover too many areas, but hey ho, this will never change!

So, in addition to the pub history sites, of which there are several, and cover most of the UK, well large bits of it, including all of London.

Then there are a couple of sites I knocked up when I was not sleeping very well, these were the LCC workers who were involved in world war one, a list of many thousands, plus other bits which are probably not accessible, as I have too many pages to link to.

Then, more recently, I started an accessible site to the London underground system just prior to the Olympics in Stratford in 2012. This was never fully purposed, and went out of date very quickly. I am now updating this accessible site of London travel, not from just a wheelchair user, but also as I have some mobility, from a persons view for those with limited mobility. Trust me, I know what I am talking about.

When I was working at an Essex University, I often asked our access team how they would travel in London. The answer was always the same, they would get a taxi!

I am now retired, and have my London60 pass, and can visit all of these wonderful train stations, all 600 of them.

I know not everyone can afford a taxi. I don’t think that enough has been done to either make rail travel easy, and there is very limited detail on what is actually accessible, and where it is a bit lacking.

That will do this blog, I don’t have weeks to build it, just a few minutes.


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