Schindlers list

I have just watched this fantastic Spielberg film for probably the umpeenth time. I know it is not a subject most of us want to talk about.

I believe six million Jewish people lost their lives in the world war two because they were Jewish. Schindler saved maybe a thousand lives.

The rest were killed, and murdered, by an elite that used blame and persecution to achieve an aim of supremacy. I also believe that countless other small groups were murdered at the time, e.g. the Romany, the disabled, and probably others.

The Tory party seem to be at odds with the disabled.

What gives a decent civilisation the right to choose that another human being is worthless, and deemed fit to be murdered, or stirring up hatred towards a minority group?

I do not offer an apology for these morons, clearly the ones who should be prosecuted.

I also do not understand why right wing politic is still popular, except to use others as scape goats. A typical usage every time a Conservative candidate wants to be endorsed, including comment on women wanting to wander around looking like letter boxes .

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