Clapham pub history & site changes

Clapham pub history & site changes

The pub history site is always being updated. I do this because I am probably a megalomaniac collector of data.

I was once a stamp collector, which was expensive, now I just collect random bits of data, which is also quite expensive, not just in my time.

The latest updates for pub history have been in Battersea, and also Clapham. I am slowly working towards Surrey, and this is an obvious addition; and as I always say, historical detail only needs to be added once, it has already happened.

I believe I am close to completion of the early records for Clapham, I added a couple of additional 1881 named pubs this evening, including the Joiners Arms.

Sadly, the many hours doing this never look the same, it is just an addition to the many thousands of pages which need updating.

Sad, but true.


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