Advertising with adsense on the pub history site

I have just removed all adsense advertising from the pub history site. Most of my sites do not bother with this waste of time advertising space feature anyway. Bye bye, shit advertising, a bit like Boris and his hot air promises, not that Hunt is any better, but this is the Tory selection. My god, […]

My sites, accessibility, pub history and world war 1

I have just read the most amazing blog by one of my contributors to London pub history. He talks about an area called the Isle of Dogs, and their losses in the world war one – it is an amazing study, probably written in a number of weeks, and others would deem this a lifetimes […]

Roman London Wall, accessible train stations & pub history

That’s what I do, see the title. I have spent a couple of afternoons in London east this week, mostly based around Fenchurch street and Tower hill, as I discover London. If you dropped me into London without a map, and asked me to find the closest train station, I would not have a clue.Well, […]

Tom Walker inspiration, mental illness, anything really

I first heard Tom Walker, probably in an advert. ‘Cause we’ve all made mistakesIf you’ve lost your way I will leave the light on You have no idea how inspirational this is to me. The song obviously touches a nerve with a lot of people. Most people are scared of talking about their weaknesses, I […]

London wiki & history

I keep changing the site I am building a history of London, and in particular Roman London, at present. At first the site was called; but google ads refused to add advertising on the site. I then moved it to; and this was trending quite highly for the search term ‘London street directory’ […]