Roman London Wall, accessible train stations & pub history

That’s what I do, see the title. I have spent a couple of afternoons in London east this week, mostly based around Fenchurch street and Tower hill, as I discover London. If you dropped me into London without a map, and asked me to find the closest train station, I would not have a clue.Well, […]

Tom Walker inspiration, mental illness, anything really

I first heard Tom Walker, probably in an advert. ‘Cause we’ve all made mistakesIf you’ve lost your way I will leave the light on You have no idea how inspirational this is to me. The song obviously touches a nerve with a lot of people. Most people are scared of talking about their weaknesses, I […]

London wiki & history

I keep changing the site I am building a history of London, and in particular Roman London, at present. At first the site was called; but google ads refused to add advertising on the site. I then moved it to; and this was trending quite highly for the search term ‘London street directory’ […]

My London wiki of the last 2000 years

I have taken advice from google, who say I have too many sites. I have therefore moved a host of my London wiki and London street directories onto just one site – i.e. This also includes early Roman history of London as I am building it slowly, etc. I have made clever usage of […]