The pub history in the UK, not always London

This is my first blog on this site – the London17 blog. What can we post about London? Nothing useful, but I have been busy on another site, the Northern & Midlands pub history site.

I received a request for some clarity on researching somebody in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. They also added some detail about the White Bear, in Cockpit, Mansfield. Cockpit was renamed Albert street around 1850, or thereabouts.

So, as I do, I added a whole host of updates for Mansfield pub history, and some additional research on the White Bear, the Old white Bear, and all the other pubs. This research is complete at present, but I still need to add some of my research and therefore this is still ongoing.

Here is Mansfield in 1911 which answers many questions.

That’s it really.