Pub history updates, mostly London and old

I am slowly moving my main blog content to this site. Its not a perfect blog, but I talk randomly about what is new on the pub history sites.

Incidentally, I am about to upgrade the server, double memory and double space, so more room for everything, and faster.

I have been adding more of the London 1836 Pigots directory, and also the Holdens 1811 directory, both just pub listings, and victuallers, coffee houses, publicans etc etc. These are all available at my London pub history page.

I seem to have a couple of entries in google for London street directory in the top ten now. I am not surprised, as my sites are good, and I spend a lot of time on them. The beauty of the London19 site which is another site of mine is that I can browse early street directories in London, particularly in 1832 and 1842; I am not madly interested in modern pubs. I am also slowly adding parts of the 1940 street directory for the whole of London, but this will take many years! I do have a listing of all the pubs in 2017, although I am certain this is missing a lot.

As my server is about to double in size, I may also expand the content to a few more regions / counties. I will decide, but they will be fairly basic entries for whatever area I choose.